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Lexcribe Transcriptions

Lexcribe Transcriptions is a general and legal transcription company based in Laguna, Philippines.

We offer quality transcription services for reasonable rates.

Our founders and transcribers have extensive experience in general and legal transcription.

The head of our transcription services has two decades of experience in the legal profession with significant exposure to litigation, tax and corporate practice, legal research as well as knowledge management. She worked her way through law school by teaching College Freshman English and English as a second language, editing publications, writing articles and working for various organizations where she first learned the art of transcribing lectures, conferences, discussion groups, meetings, interviews and the like.

Our transcribers, on the other hand, are taken from a pool of law students and graduates as well as legal secretaries, stenographers and persons with significant exposure to legal procedures and work in law publications or who have extensive experience in legal transcription as well as seasoned writers and editors.

Because of the extensive experience of the team, we are able to produce quality transcripts within a reasonable turn around time.

Work is distributed to a transcriber whose responsibility is to create accurate transcripts in the quickest time possible. The transcript is then assigned to editors and proofreaders who perform the function of quality assurance. The final copy is then delivered to the client within the agreed turn-around-times.

Our location in the Philippines allows us to offer our services at reasonable rates without sacrificing or compromising the quality and integrity of the services.

To maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity, we ask our transcribers to execute non-disclosure agreements.

For your general and legal transcription needs, you may contact us at : transcribe@lexcribe.com or info@lexcribe.com.