Lexcribe Inc. - Complete, accurate and speedy transcription services

Legal Transcription

Verbatim transcripts of legal proceedings, conferences, meetings, deposition summaries, interrogations, legal examinations, interviews and more made by law students, experienced legal secretaries or former court stenographers in accordance with client specified formats and federal/state guidelines on transcript formats. All manuscripts are reviewed by lawyers.

General/Business Transcription

Conversion of audio/video content to word files content may be meetings, conferences, interviews, proceedings, seminars and, lectures that do not fall under legal transcription.

Editorial services

Completed transcripts of audio/video files that need final editing or finishing to make them acceptable for clients.

Also, copy editing and proof reading services for all kinds of articles including academic, professional and other types of written materials for web content or even non-web uses such as printed articles, newsletters and other types of publications.


Our system supports the following audio/video file formats: .wav, .wma, .wmv, .mp3 and .trm. We may also accept CDs on a limited basis.


Our rates are based on the type (general or legal), length (number of audio minutes) and the quality (clear or difficult) of the audio and the number of speakers involved.

Rates start at US$ 0.80 per audio minute for good quality audio with 1 to 2 speakers with neutral accents. For legal transcription, our rate starts at US$ 1.00 per audio minute. Rates may vary depending on the requirements of the client.

We give discounts for bulk work as well as regular work. Bulk work is at least 10 audio hours at a given time while regular work is determined by the frequency of the job orders plus volume.

We give special promotional offers for new clients.

And we give free trials for 10 to 15 minutes audio to allow buyers to test the quality of our services.

For more information, kindly contact us at transcribe@lexcribe.com or info@lexcribe.com